Monday, October 14, 2013

Compel an Answer

Defendants wish to compel a responsive answer.

See Here

and seal request HERE



nobody123789 said...

Given the trading patterns, the dilution and short-term outlook for getting any cashg out of the MDL litigation, it is becoming harder and harder for folks to rush to the defense of this company's short term prospects. I think people are wising up. Pavlov was right, pain and pleasure are the best teachers and there hasn't been too much pleasure here. By the way, where is the clarion of immediate riches -- Slash? Is it possible that even he has abandoned ship?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha nobody losta shitload of money hahahahahahah crying all over the net on all the boards hahahahahahaha he must have lost his pants. Hahahahaha and his underwear hahahahahaha nobody=PATHETHIC

Anonymous said...

pix-.bk new low

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