Sunday, August 18, 2013


Indemnification was promised by ICM for their tricanter customers.

Lincolnway was one the first to receive Indemnification.  Lincolnway now says this:

"Lincolnway Energy is unable to determine as of the date of this quarterly report if the proceedings will have a material adverse effect on Lincolnway Energy. The proceedings have, however, significantly increased Lincolnway Energy's legal costs."

See Here page 25


So Lincolnway is paying their own way?  What indemnification?

I thought indemnification promised this:

". . . harmless from all claims, liabilities, and costs including attorney fees arising out of the infringement . . ." 

 "I am shockedshocked— to find that this indemnification promise might not be honored!"


nobody123789 said...

I'm gaaaaay!

Anonymous said...

I am not gay that gers has made a sucker of me!

clean tech said...
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