Saturday, July 13, 2013

GERS Sues Western New York Energy, LLC for Infringement

Filed on Friday the 12th.


Anonymous said...

Expect more dilution next week to cover retainers and filing fees.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't GERS suing POET, Valero and ADM where the big volume infringers exist? Get a lot more $ for legal fees. Seems like the legal focus on smaller firms suggests weakness.

Anonymous said...

thought they reserved cash for this purpose?

Anonymous said...

Check out this company Diamond Green Diesel,

They just went on-line and will be sucking up 142 million gallons of fats and oils, including corn oil for renewable diesel production. Another Louisiana company, Dynamic Fuels is restarting up at 75 million gallons per year of fats and oils.

This can only be positive for the price of corn oil as these two plants will take up to 18% of the available annual feed fat off the market.

Darling International is a renderer and joint partner in Diamond and look at its stock climb over the last year. This rise in Darling value must be due to anticipated earnings on both rendered fats and fuel value.

If corn oil prices go up, GERS will profit as well. There may be some dilution to come, but maybe not as much as some may think.

GLTA, I am a GERS investor.

Anonymous said...

summary judgment motions due on tuesday?

Anonymous said...

We have them quaking in their boots?

"Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (Nasdaq:PEIX), the leading marketer and producer of low-carbon renewable fuels in the Western United States, has begun commercial production of corn oil utilizing ICM Inc.'s Advanced Oil Separation System™ at its Magic Valley, ID plant.

Neil Koehler, the company's president and CEO, stated: "Corn oil is a high value co-product with multiple markets including animal feed and biodiesel. Corn oil sales at our Magic Valley plant diversifies our revenue streams, providing greater financial stability to the plant, and is expected to contribute as much as $4.5 million or seven cents per gallon of operating income annually."


"Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) has awarded a contract to Edeniq Inc. to implement the Visalia-based company’s patented oil separation technology at the plant by the second quarter of 2013.

In June, Sacramento-based Pacific Ethanol said it intends to implement corn oil separation at each of its ethanol plants. The company anticipates generating revenue from corn oil as early as first-quarter 2013.
Stockton marks the second plant to move towards corn oil production. Also in June".

Either they think the judge is on the take or they are certain they are not adding to the damages for GERS, since none are forth coming.

Anonymous said...

Icm is screwed

Anonymous said...

pix- pps takes dump

Anonymous said...

I like the Diamond Green Diesel and Dynamic Fuels comments. Plan to buy Darling and Syntroleum Stock. Looks like a sound GREEN play.

Anonymous said...

The noose is tight
hands are bound
the floor door opens today

now he can watch what he built hang and rot away


Anonymous said...

Greenshit....Nice work boys!

Anonymous said...

donkey boy^^

Anonymous said...


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