Saturday, July 27, 2013

Enzyme Technology

". . . approximately 80 percent of the operating ethanol capacity in the U.S. will have incorporated oil extraction into their plants by end 2013."

See Here


The industry has gone from skimming settling tanks; to a mechanical process that actually works (GreenShift's); to adding solvents to supplement GreenShift's multi-patented mechanical operation; to now adding an enzyme cocktail prior to fermentation to aid in both ethanol and mechanical corn oil production.

Enzymes have been around the industry forever, however they are now designing and marketing them as COE enhancers.  Corn Oil - You've come a long way baby!


Anonymous said...

All this sounds great, but it looks like Cantrell screwed the pooch in 2003 and 2004.

nobody123789 said...

That communication was not for sale but to try.

Anonymous said...

looks can be deceiving!
please read the email and detail for us how you arrive at that conclusion.

nobody123789 said...

Is that you Freedom? Sounds like a similar concern:

"He sent the email of a "purchase" offer letter 15 days too soon, before they had filed for the provisional application on 8/18/03.
I court rules the letter was an actual offer and not for testing patents are invalidated for on sale bar.

I don't like that the court is skeptical of the late submissions to the PTO and allowed an additional deposition of Michael Rye. Though he's slick an should explain his resoning well for delaying and also for never mentioning testing at Agri in June/July 2003.

I'm probably just parinoid. This is basically all the Defendents have left to fight."

Anonymous said...

Sale bar rule allows for testing. The letter is a offer to test. Is this all the defendants have left? If so this is over.

nobody123789 said...

In case any one is still interested the following are the dates of the last five Q2 filings:


That is a 15 day spread -- so don't get too anxious.

Anonymous said...

Looks like our little hiatus in reading "double" dribble has ended.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant hiatus "from", not "in".

nobody123789 said...

On May 28, 2013 the Court reset the settlement conference for July 22, 2013 at 9:30 AM. The May 16, 2013 order remained in effect, which required the parties to have in attendance at the conference representatives that were empowered to enter into a binding settlement (agreement). It has now been over a week since this was to occur and nothing has been made public. One would suspect that the parties were required to file a brief with the Court summarizing the outcome of this conference; no agreement, an agreement, and/or existence of a basis for further discussion. If this was filed with the Court I would also suspect that the Skunk would have posted a link on this blog.

I have stated my belief that this conference would not be productive and the reasons why. However, whatever the outcome, would we hear and when? Further, did the filing of the Writ Mandamus with the Appellate Court by the defendants automatically put this conference on hold and if so when could it be rescheduled?

nobody123789 said...

A little searching found this summarizing the Supreme Court's view of a Writ of Mandamus: "The [Supreme] Court also noted that mandamus is available only in exceptional cases because it is so disruptive of the judicial process, creating disorder and delay in the trial."

This statement seems to increase the possibility that the settlement conference is on hold.

nobody123789 said...

On I-Hub Freedom43 made this point:
"In addition, The Lead defense attourny was on vacation until 7/26 or so."

This surely means that the settlement conference did not occur last week and we have no idea if/when it has been rescheduled.

Anonymous said...

" nobody12378 Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:47:04 AM
Re: None Post # of 35255

Absolutely no interest at all, either way."

Must be referring to his own lame, repetitive comments!

Anonymous said...

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nobody123789 said...
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