Saturday, June 15, 2013

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This is not dilution. It is the defendents hedging their position by owning GERS stock to pay their dues once the stock pops.

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Please, don't everyone talk at once.

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sorry, we're lost without Nobody.

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n0b0dy beeesy playin with sandasky selling for shares he know icm lose big tyme

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Just got this e-mail. does its best to bring you accurate information but errors may and sometimes do occur. Always do your own research before investing. is not a licensed financial advisor. This is a paid advertisement, not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Our New Play is: **GERS** GreenShift Corp.

Hello Everyone,

Alright it's time to tell you about a little Sub-Penny Play that is actually producing some Gigantic Revenues and could have some awesome possible Profit Potential!!!

My New Play is: GERS - GreenShift Corp.

Current PPS: $.0015


Before I even go into what the company does, let's go into their most recent financial reports!! The last report GERS filled was their Quarterly for the first 3 Months of 2013......

Revenues were $3.2MM for the Three Months Ended 3/31/13

Gross PROFIT was $2MM for the Three Months Ended 3/31/13

Not bad right??

GERS is sitting at a 52-week Low right Now with very little Trading Activity!!! This could not be the case for very long once more people start reading about GERS and seeing exactly how it is doing!!

GERS has Patents on Technology that other BIG Companies are using!! GERS is making sure it gets paid!! Check out these recent Press Releases:

Major Ruling in Litigation over Greenshift’s Corn Oil Extraction Patents
Press Release: GreenShift Corporation

GreenShift Corporation (GERS) today announced the issuance of a significant ruling in its ongoing prosecution of ethanol producers and other entities for infringement of GreenShift’s patented corn oil extraction processes, including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,601,858, 8,008,516, 8,008,517, and 8,283,484.

GreenShift believes that the ruling dramatically strengthens its case for infringement against any person or entity recovering or facilitating the recovery of corn oil from the concentrated thin stillage by-product of ethanol producers.

All of the following defendants in GreenShift’s current litigation argued that GreenShift’s patents are limited to the recovery of at least 95% of the oil present in the concentrated thin stillage feed stream, and that they are consequently not infringing on GreenShift’s patents because they are recovering less than 95% of the oil present in their concentrated thin stillage feed streams: (1) Ace Ethanol; (2) Al-Corn Clean Fuel; (3) Blue Flint Ethanol; (4) Bushmills Ethanol; (5) Chippewa Valley Ethanol; (6) Heartland Corn Products; (7) Lincolnway Energy; (8) United Wisconsin Grain Producers; (9) Iroquois Bio-Energy Company; (10) Cardinal Ethanol; (11) ICM; (12) Big River Resources West Burlington; (13) Adkins Energy; (14) Big River Resources Galva; (15) Lincolnland Agri-Energy and (16) David Vander Griend.

FULL Story Here:

Is that Good News for GERS or what??? GERS is not done check out the following Two Links for two more recent Lawsuits GERS has just filled:

Do I have your Attention yet???

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"shane, shane, come back shane!"

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no more paychecks form icm to nobody. he quits and share price jumps up. what a great day.

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Can't get ris of nobody he's like herpes he ll be back

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n0b0dy beiling wife out from met clinicn she take too much in the nose now need icm monies for assitance

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