Sunday, April 14, 2013

Link to Annual on GERS Website

Clean PDF File


Anonymous said...

Mr. Barlage
has also worked on the engineering and installation of a commercial scale version of GreenShift’s Tornado
Generator™ technology located in Joplin, Missouri, where it effectively processes and dehydrates poultry products
into highly nutritional and shelf stable products. This system operates 24 hours per day, 5 days per week and also
uses Alfa Laval heat transfer and centrifuge components in conjunction with the Tornado Generator™ to produce
high quality animal fats, chicken broth and dehydrated poultry proteins.

Good luck all *$*$*$

Anonymous said...

this shit stock goes down for years!

Anonymous said...

This 10K is the first honest look at this company I have seen in years. After reading it cover to cover, I can not understand how they stay in business. A couple of lighter points in the review:

$1,600.00 per month for HQ office lease. Most of us have house payments much more then that. Are they doing business out of 20 x 40 storage locker?

36M in debt that has to be paid by the end of 2013? How do they plan on doing that...noboddy will lend them money.

Overall this company is tanked and I will advise all to avoid it!

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