Monday, February 11, 2013

ICM, AOS and Abengoa

ICM Inc. has announced that it signed a contract with Abengoa Bioenergy for the Advanced Oil Separation System (AOS) to be deployed at the company’s Madison, Ill., and Mt. Vernon, Ind., facilities.
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jjwood said...

My guess is that they were indemnified for patent liability. Look out below!!!

nobody12378 said...

As I stated when ICM increased its presence at the NEC AFTER the latest court ruling was released 10 days ago, that ICM appears not to interpret that order in the same light as GERSlanders do. If they did why would they further increase their legal exposure and risk of judgement? Clearly a disconnect exists between ICM's view and those in GERS' land. OR is this just another example of DVG's intransigence and his avowed intentions to take down GERS with him, if he goes down.

Abe said...

For anyone new looking into Greenshift, nobody12378 is a paid basher. It's quite obvious after you've suffered through a few of his posts.

Abe L

nobody12378 said...


Interesting but futile approach to dismiss these basic issues facing us in an attempt to co-opt others into rescuing your ill-timed investment. Instead of attempting to deflect and hide these problems why not attempt to apply just a marginal amount of intelligence and address these many vexing issues such as:

The "word" must be out about the "superior performance" of GERS technology. Indemnification aside, why would any company openly choose to make less money? Perhaps the "word" out there is not as flattering about the "superior performance" as some would lead us to believe? We may have to accept that as an explanation for what we are observing.

I am afraid Abraham that more folks are starting to delve into these distractions from the fame and glory that so many postulate are there for the immediate taking at the end of the rainbow. My proof -- the PPS. So, Abraham either spend more time with Isaac, Ishmael, and Sarah or try to be more constructive here. The gambit is over, folks are not going into this with blinders on any more. Accept that and understand that critical questions abound and folks want answers.

Anonymous said...

If that isn't proof of Abe's comment, I don't know what is!!

nobody12378 said...

You have got that right! Any one that questions the gospel is a paid basher. Any one believing such an allegorical tale is of such limited intelligence as to be useless to themselves or any one else.

Anonymous said...

We go back up today.


Anonymous said...

PPS looking good so far today. Expect bashing to increase accordingly.

nobody12378 said...

If the shoe fits:

Paranoid personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others. Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily feel slighted, and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases. Paranoid individuals are eager observers. They think they are in danger and look for signs and threats of that danger, potentially not appreciating other evidence.

Anonymous said...

Is that your attempt at self-diagnosis?

Anonymous said...

"that ICM appears not to interpret that order in the same light as GERSlanders do"

Never played poker?

you got a duce up and your opponent has an ace. You max the bet and he folds. That is called a bluff.

Of course in this case if you can drive away your opponent's support with the bluff it helps.

Notice ICM did not mention the ruling. Notice they did not mention the tricanter. Notice they only talk about an insignificant add on patented system that requires an INFRINGING system to create the foam that the AOS handles. The
AOS may be patented. But it requires a patented system to concentrate the stillage, to create the emulsion that the AOS requires.

Far more important is what ICM (and their cheerleaders/supporters) did not address than what they did address.

More than a bluff, ICM (and supporters) ignore the obvious. Ignoring bad news is not a good plan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cut and paste wikipedia psycho babble.

Anonymous said...

nobody scared i heard he has to sell for margin calls

Anonymous said...

im so happy nobody is bashing wild last few weeks ive been able to get 2s and looad he boat, thanks n0body

nobody12378 said...

It is amazing how delusional people can become when their unrequited expectations hit them in the pocket book. You are absolutely correct, it is GREAT that the PPS of GERS continues to fall. What are you going to be saying about your 2 cent shares in November if the next R/S is announced?

Slashnuts said...

ICM's AOS Clearly Infringes GERS' Method Patents

Open both these links and compare the AOS and Tricanter diagrams side by side. The diagrams are the same. The Tricanter extracts oil, just like it always has, and feeds it to the AOS.

AOS diagram towards the bottom...

Tricanter diagram towards the bottom...

Remember ICM stated, "ICM continues to believe that under a proper interpretation of the patents' claims, the Tricanter® Oil Separation System does not infringe GreenShift's patents."

The claims have been interpreted. Nobody in their right mind thinks the court's interpretation is what ICM "believed" to be "a proper interpretation".

The AOS is infringing as it uses the Tricanter to extract oil from the concentrated syrup. Comparing the diagrams, they changed the "corn oil" stream to "emulsion concentrate". That's not fooling anyone. It's the same thing, mostly/largely oil with rest being water and solubles. Just like the Tricanter diagram said it is, "corn oil". The court has ruled this stream needs to be mostly/largely oil. To me this means more than half or >50% oil. As you can see in the AOS' diagram, the 50ml tube has way more than >50% oil. It looks to be around 75%. That's why they tried to add limit's claiming extraction needed to be 95%.

The court ruled term "concentrated stillage" to mean "syrup containing water, oil, and solids". As you can see, the Tricanter's input is the syrup feed and the AOS' very own diagram refers to this stream as "a mixture of water, oil, solubles".

Notice how they changed the name of the "de-oiled syrup" to "aqueous phase plus solids". The court ruled this is a mostly oil free stream which I believe means <50% oil. Clearly covered by GERS' patents.

"ICM's system separates corn oil from the post-fermentation syrup stream as it leaves the evaporators."

The AOS "treatment occurs post mechanical separation".

ICM was:
Wrong abount COES not being patentable,
Wrong about the "prior art",
Wrong about the "sale bar",
Wrong about the " 95% ",
Wrong about the interpretation of the claims,
Wrong about the Tricanter not infringing,
Wrong about AOS not infringing,
They Failed to get the trial on their home turf,
They Failed to get their leader off the hook...
Their Paid Bashers Failed...

Their own website confirms the streams, what's in them, where they are... It's all spelled out in the patents and the court/USPTO agree.

ICM's AOS Clearly Infringes GERS' Method Patents

Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$

Anonymous said...

Novita > Method II :(

nobody12378 said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... arounds. This is only the start. Greenshit is DOA.

Anonymous said...

donkey boy gives dvg reach arounds

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