Monday, February 18, 2013

A Customer's Newsletter

". . . corn oil did show margin improvement."

"Through Dec. 31, United Ethanol . . . extracted 10,073,661 pounds of corn oil."

“We’re in the process of performing trials with a product that may allow us to increase our corn-oil production.”

PS Thanks to anon 5:48 for the last quote.  The hyphen clotheslined my bot . . .


Anonymous said...

“We’re in the process of performing trials with a
product that may allow us to increase our cornoil

That was the line that caught my attention...

Method II maybe? Flash dessication with the Tornado?

That would be intresting and good if either were to be the case.


Anonymous said...

"nobody12378 said...
I am not, Google is. They are very series about these crimes because the perception of their "lack of security" costs them revenue.

As for insults -- if the shoe fits wear it -- I have never encountered so many idiots in my life. An idiot is by definition someone that cannot learn from experience and makes the same mistakes over and over again and/or builds fantasies to hide from reality. I am surprised that some here are not considered legally incompetent and therefore wards of a court.

February 16, 2013 at 1:09 PM
Yeah right! Once again this idiot shifts the blame, this time to Google. I suppose Google suggested he call the local FBI too! Nice try "smallballs12378"! How do you type with your arms in a straight jacket?

nobody12378 said...

That 10,000,000 pounds represents about $900,000 in revenue from this small license -- where is all this revenue going?

Anonymous said...

Set aside for Fagen? Not that I think the Court will allow that much. I have this Fuzzy Recollection that Fagen & Greenshift were close to a negotiated settlement about six months ago. Both shared blame for the abandoned project. This is not the Viral Vortex envisioned by some. DHOLE

Anonymous said...

smells like a settlement is sure thing

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