Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Orders







Anonymous said...

Three of the Four Motions going GERS direction. The Fourth is not harmful, just a two week delay for the Ace Response. DHOLE

Anonymous said...

Nothing yet by our Head Analyst of the Viral and Occult. Maybe caught up in the ICM Layoffs! DHOLE

Or, could be celebrating the O' Bama Win with Chris (Tingle) Mathews! (I always use the Irish Form; O'Bama, to honor his Mixed Ancestry, but am not fluent in Ebonics!)

nobody12378 said...

Your blatant racist comments should color everyone's view of the ramblings of a nearly senile old man -- your time and views are long past.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and you won't get the care for that under Obamacare either!

Anonymous said...

You used the term "color" That word is no longer accepted. Did the government not send you today's copy of the "Accepted words to use in Civil Discourse?"

I will send your block political commmissar over to explain it to you.

Luckily, due to your previous support, further reeducation may prove not necesary.

Barry Soetoro

PS, As I am sure your agree, your multiple houses are wasteful and counter productive. I am also sure you will be happy to learn we have spread your wealth around. One of your extra houses is being used as a reeducation block HQ. The other is a GLBT dorm and spa. Since you still technically "own" the houses we will be sending you the maintenance, utility, tax and AAA battery bills.

As always, any criticism of my policies will be considered racial bias and dealt with accordingly.

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