Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Delay

In support of this motion, CleanTech states that as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Cantor Colburn’s office is closing for the day and is likely to be closed for the next couple of days. In addition, all systems will be shut down. Our state authorities anticipate widespread power outages that may last for several days.

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nobody12378 said...

I knew ICM's strategy of delay, delay, followed by more delay was working but I could not have envisioned that their attorneys were this good!

Anonymous said...

old/new/good/bad, infringers/competitors or just news?:



Anonymous said...

I could not have envisioned that their attorneys were this good!

Are you busy again? I could envision you using a request from CleanTech to applaud the opposing attorneys

Ministry of disinformation in full force out again

nobody12378 said...

Lighten up toadstool -- I was referencing creating the storm. The only misinformation being put out on these boards is that which denies valid insights because they are inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

which word from your tekst is valid?

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