Sunday, July 29, 2012

Patent Update

GreenShift has 5 issued COES patents HERE (first one is not oil extraction).  The sixth COES application has been given a Notice of Allowance.  GreenShift has withdrawn this sixth COES patent just before its issue and has submitted a lot of legal and other material for further review.  GreenShift has NOT withdrawn the patent.  GreenShift HAS withdrawn the patent application for issue at this time - so that additional material can be recorded in the patent's administrative history.  GreenShift has done this before to get a patent that is better inoculated against future challenge - because it will have withstood the prior art and all the up to date information about the litigation.

List Prior Art HERE

Cantrell Notice See Here



Anonymous said...

Why would they withdraw a patent?

Anonymous said...

Precludes even further delaying tactics and expense in the Lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

These lawsuits are taking a toll on Icm and defendents. All the money given to lawyers with nothing to show for it boggles my mind. All the money wasted and losing every ruling. I won't be surprised to see them settle. Nothing they try works.

Anonymous said...

Looking this over I noticed a email that seems to contradicts the sworn statement of DC. Skunk, can you explain this?

Anonymous said...

skunk can you explain why all the bashers go missing when nobody gets the day off?

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