Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hard News Outside the Industry

Mainstream Article about corn oil extraction HERE.



Anonymous said...

Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc, the fourth largest U.S. ethanol producer, with 740 million gallons a year, generated $51 million of operating income from non-ethanol segments over the last year, including corn oil.

"We have worked hard over the last couple of years to diversify our revenue streams," said Green Plains spokesman Jim Stark. "Corn oil technology contributing to bottom line has helped offset the low tight margin environment."

Anonymous said...

The Ethanol Producers facing hard times are those who resist COES, and the Boost to Income resulting from the extra product. This is a featured theme in several recent Articles centering on the "effects" of losing the Subsidy at year's end. They don't specify GERS by name, but the implication is obvious. Dhole

nobody12378 said...

Yup, GERS has saved the day for GPRE; they only have to cut back production 30%. Folks, you cannot ignore the obvious -- there are hard times in the ethanol industry that will impact GERS revenue in the short term and that will likely translate into a more difficult task to obtain new funding, and that in turn will increase the pressure created by the infringers by not settling. You just can't ignore reality because it does not fit your hopes and world view.

Anonymous said...

Times are tough for everyone in this economy. This industry is installing Coes faster then thought. Infringers feel the heat can't afford legal bills and so they decide to settle.

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