Monday, June 4, 2012


Edeniq is installing Cellunators™ at the first of four Flint Hills plants. Edeniq’s OilPlus™ corn oil extraction process is also being deployed at one Flint Hills plant and plans call for two others. OilPlus™ combines mechanical and chemical treatments to improve corn oil recovery.
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Anonymous said...

o is over

Anonymous said...

Edeniq has licensed propriority rights through GS, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean GS/GreenShift would recieve royalty from Edeniq?

BillV said...

@Anonymous 9:45

How do you know this? Last I knew, EdeniQ purchased the assets of a GERS competitor(Primafuel).

Anonymous said...

So is Edeniq's Oil Plus using GreenShifts Method I and Method II with an addition to their own chemical step to increase yield? I assume that is the implication by posting this? Either that or the implication is that we are doomed with more infringer's and future litigation?

Hopefully not that later of the two!

Anonymous said...

You r all wrong.

Anonymous said...

down 99.99 %...great short

Anonymous said...

Bill he doesnt... this site is purly pump.. he talks about no other stocks.. the way this stock is dropping he is reaching like his boy Slash.. stick a fork in greenshift they are done or at least a rinse and repeat like the last 4 years

Anonymous said...

No significant increase today or anything, but notice how the stock doesn't plummit when there aren't b.s. panic posts by NoBody, Tadaa, and FourTwo?

Anonymous said...

Anony 1.51 - i totally noticed that too.
I bet GERS would skyrocket if nobody and those losers stopped postin there negative riderick.

Anonymous said...


Iroquois Bio-Energy filed their Memorandum in Support of its Motion for summary judgement.

I am not a lawyer but if you read it, it's clear that they are desperate for this to not go to trial.

1) They have given up trying to argue that the patents should be voided. This was there biggest argument prior to filing for Summary judgement ( that the patents would be voided because of some offer for sale 1 year prior to filing for patents ).

2) Their entire argument for summary judgement is based on hoping the judge changes his own ruling in the Markman findings that "substantially oil free" had to be defined by some given number or percentage.

Iroquois basically argues that they don't understand what an example is. They state that both examples given in the patents show that at least 95% of the oil that is in the in-flowing concentrate stream is recovered by the invention.

This could in itself be a bad example (so forgive me if it is) but say you patented "addition" (the mathematical process) and in those patents you demonstrate or give example to the process ex. 2 + 2 =4

Iroquois's argument would be similar to saying "Were not infringing your patent because what we are doing isn't addition, its 3 + 3 = 6

WTF? Its like they don't even understand that: 1) the patent is for a process 2) what an example is 3) what the claims construction meant as a result of the Markman hearing.

Unless the defendants AND the judge are aliens from another planet speaking an entirely different language it shouldn't be hard to see where this is going. GLTA!!!

Anonymous said...

Primafuels patent didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:39

good dd, but skunk wrote about this a wile back. for 2 days

Anonymous said...

anon 6:40

I realize this but the document I referenced contained more information then the initial motion for summary judgement (the document you reference).

Either way it should be exciting to hear what the judge has to say. ICM and other's patents regarding corn oil extraction aren't getting issued for a reason. I believe that reason is that GERS's patents are rock solid and cover all steps for extraction. I think we will see that confirmed by this case. GLTA.

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