Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ready for Issue

The Patent Application METHODS FOR ENHANCED PROCESSING OF BIOMASS USING FLASH DESICCATION AND/OR MECHANICAL HYDRODYNAMIC CAVITATION is much closer to being issued.   It had previously been allowed and it is now been designated as ready for issue. This is not a typical COES patent, but a different advanced technology.  Looking at a couple recent examples the actual "Issue" is likely 2-3 months away, although other examples show much quicker possibilities.



totaltruth said...

This freaking hilarious!!!

There's a prediction for 27mil os going around here, wich equates to 4million diluted shares added to the os. Does anyone buy into this theory? Do you know what the total traded shares in April was? Probably not so I will tell you it was 4,058,011 shares traded. I guess that's saying a lot right there despite all the negative post only 58,011 shares where sold from investors. Lol Golden gate for sale right here just call 1 (800) get-real. This is what nobody is predicting. LMFAO!!!

By the way skunk thanks for keeping us informed on the patent!

totaltruth said...

Here's your link for Aprils volume!

Also interesting no mm has a volume over 1.2 mil! Hmm if one of them was selling diluted shares they must have forgot to record them. Anways enjoy your proof you can start rejoycing again all the way to the bank from now till who knows when? The artificial scare is over. Don't be fooled by shares being shorted into thinking its dilution. Issue=gers&searchby=issue&sortby=volume&Month=4-1-2012&view.x=46&view.y=9&downloadname=mv201204.exe

nobody12378 said...

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Anonymous said...

Friggin idiot!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think nobody is attempting to self diagnose. Whatever you do stay away from the blue pills (you have already had enough of those)!

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