Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BioFuels Journal - 5th Patent

GreenShift Receives Fifth Corn Oil Extraction Patent |
See Here


Nice to see the Industry is now notified of the 5th COES Patent through the BioFuels Journal.  Will the Ethanol Producer Magazine be next?


Anonymous said...

hurry and buy more you will miss out ..rush..ignor reality.... technicals dont count

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about another Patent!! They'd rather obsess about their Share Price and the Mystic Dilution Factor. They all swear they won't sell, unless, until, when, so why are they all poised with their Sell Order In? OK, I know "ALL" is an exaggeration, but this is getting to be absurd!!

Anonymous said...

I put a sell order in at ten bucks I won't sell until its there. So I guess ur right

Joe said...

Icm cares its why there basher is going bazerk here Ihub yohoo

ICscam should update website w/ link to rejected patent

Who gives a hockey puck about a patent unless its real an issued

Rejected patents are dimes a dozen an WORTHLESS


Anonymous said...

Exactly how does icm offers a patent stolen I mean rejected system that comes w litigation along w substandard yields

Anonymous said...

50% I'll take it.

Anonymous said...

All the bashers know this stock is about to explode! I guess their bonus is about gone. Lmfao!

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