Thursday, October 6, 2011


Summons Served on ICM CEO

GreenShift Request to expand Summons time

GreenShift Opposition to ICM's move to add '517


Not sure if this is the first time I said it, but this IS gett'ng more twists and turns than a Mexican Soap Opera.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Skunk. Fascinating stuff. So looks like DVG was served at his place of work. Now its in the hands of the good judge to quash or not to quash. Ollie

Anonymous said...

To quash or not to quash. That is the statement for Shakespeare right? I believe this is not the last piece of invention from our heros at GreenShift. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Latest news - ICM and Vander corn-poned. See it here, and there and over there. Corn poning happens in Kansas as a regular practice.

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