Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Corn Oil Extraction now has (wall) Street Cred (II)

The rush to Extraction of Corn Oil by the Ethanol Industry has made the Wall Street Journal. 
See Here

Article is dated 28 Sept, but I felt this kind of exposure needed to be pointed out. 



Any guesses on sales this quarter?

Slashnuts said...

GPRE: "Furthur Process Opportunities"

I was just thinking, could "Furthur Process Opportunities" have anything to do with Greenshift's patented biodiesel process? GPRE likes owning everything all the way up and down the supply chain. From corn storage, to ethanol production, to distrubution, to blending. It would fit their business model.

For years, GERS has been trying to get ethanol producers to process biodiesel onsite. Maybe they see the light now?

Also, Adnavanced BioEnergy said they were looking at GERS' other technologies. Maybe they're on the same page as GPRE. Why pass profits onto the biodiesel producers? Just keep it...

Anonymous said...

Nice upward integration thought.

jlglex said...

Anyone know anything about the R/S? Is that still on? When?

nobody12378 said...


Hope you are well, glad to see you back. No one knows anything about the R/S, most of us are confused about the delay and no information being provided by KK.

Anonymous said...

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