Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corn Oil Article Coming

My next feature for Ethanol Producer Magazine will delve into these questions, focusing on corn oil as a feedstock for biodiesel production. Mainly, is it feasible for ethanol producers to build on-site biodiesel plants, thereby creating an additional revenue-producing product from a feedstock produced on site? Who are the major players working on making this a reality? Are there corn oil producers out there that feel that delving into biodiesel production wouldn’t be a good idea? If so, why?

I’m actively looking for people to interview for my story in the next few weeks. If you or somebody you know would be a good person to interview on this subject, please let me know as soon as possible. Send me an email at or call me at (701) 738-4946.


Maybe some of us GreenShift investors can email her with our ideas on who to interview . . .


Anonymous said...

a poll..Will price collapse following the R/S

Anonymous said...

Well some people believe it will while others still buy. I think it will go up.

Anonymous said...

You really have to hand it to these guys for having deep foresight. They sketched out and patented the roadmap for improving ethanol production efficiencies years before anyone else. Ms. Jensen should write about that.

Look back to GreenShift's 2005/06 press. Corn oil. Onsite biodiesel. Windhexe. Algae. Biomass GTL. People laughed at them for suggesting small scale biodiesel. Forbes ridiculed them. But GreenShift was right yet again.

The biggest cost of biodiesel production is feedstock. Ethanol producers using GreenShift's patents have a huge advantage over offsite biodiesel - ethanol producers own the feedstock. They also have the rail, the utilities, the staff, and businesses based on refining and selling fuel from corn. How could they not refine their corn oil on site?

Anyone want to bet that ICM starts selling equipment copied from the specifications to GreenShift's patented biodiesel technologies?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you have her interview long shareholders so they can tell the story of how year after year there investment has vanished to nearly nothing. Then maybe she can interview KK and ask why no board of governance or concern for shareholders.

I would love to read that article.


nobody12378 said...

Author speaks to Winsness, she did not know who KK was.

Anonymous said...

She sounds smart enough to point out that shareholder blood is on the hands of Icm. Maybe she can interview Darth Vander Slime and ask him why he tried to destroy this company. I'de love to read that article.


Anonymous said...

That's true. Gers was on the ball. Had it not been for that SOB vagina slime. Sounds like Antitrust issues here.

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