Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Next COES Patent & Stuff

Easy enough to report a new patent.  All that takes is keeping a determined eye on the public patent portal.   It is indisputable GreenShift is presently setting on four COES patents.  As an investor the question is: "What next?" 

The SkunK's guess that this 5th COES patent below will be issued to GreenShift sometime in the next 3-12 months.  It appears that a few claims are very close to being allowed while other claims still being worked through the strenuous process.
 I see some questions about the GreenShift lawyer team in the comment section. Here is a nice summary of their place in the Industry. Although I doubt the exact terms of their financial relationship will be disclosed, (If the Law Firms allowed it to be public record, how could they negotiate over terms with a new client?) I believe that it has been mostly fee based up until less than a year ago when it became mostly contingency based. {I'm thinking old seasoned experienced NFL player on base salary with huge performance bonus.}

Here are a couple things from a recent GPRE Presentation:


Anonymous said...

From a pure technical perspective.....This stock has no support under price...none...The bottom is not knowable post R/S....

The fundemental news of court victory and cash settlement dead ahead needs pretty quick materialization

Anonymous said...

Ergo this 2007 patent application appears to blow away ICM's 2011 patent application. Again, ICM is stealing GreenShift technology to try to leap-frog what they cannot do themselves. No wonder the patent trial lawyers are hot on the trail of a skunk with two barrels aimed at the A**. Not you SKUNK.

Slashnuts said...

"Working on further process improvement opportunities"

Hmmm like maybe method II?

Filed in 2008, the 5th patent looks like GERS has once again beat ICM to the punch, and ICM is once again too late with their application.

"The oil phase output from the second separator (threeINDEPENDENTLY PROCESSED or purified using the above-referenced processing means.."

"...but the positions of a two phase decanter 16a serving as a first separator and three phase decanter 18a serving as a second separator are essentially switched. The OIL/EMULSION phase and wash water from the downstream three phase decanter 18a is then mixed with the thin stillage prior to evaporation and separation."

"...the noteworthy difference is that the decanter 16 is shown operating at a higher efficiency in terms of producing oil. As a result, the substantially pure (97%) oil recovered from the first separator (decanter 16) MAY SIMPLY BE PROCESSED INDEPENDENTLY OF THE THIN STILLAGE, which in the illustrated example results in an approximate 6.6% increase in the pounds of valuable oil produced per hour. The means or device for recovering oil via independent processing, or purification, may comprise any suitable device for separating oil from a mixture, such as a gravity separator (which advantageously requires no additional energy input to effect separation and, thus, further enhances efficiency), a centrifuge, a disk-stack centrifuge, a centrifugal decanter, or an evaporator. Means for recovering oil USING KNOWN TECHNIQUES OF CHEMICAL ADDITION (PH ADJUSTMENT, ENZYMATIC ACTION ETC.) may also be effective."

ICM Is Screwed!
Good stuff Skunk!

Slashnuts said...

Sorry should read "filed in 2007"

nobody12378 said...

Anony1 above,

You are correct. For those believing in the long term future of GERS and willing to averge-down in hopes of picking up more of the company on the cheap your position creates a real dilemma; when to buy back-in? Is 5 cents a good target, but what will keep the PPS from falling below that point? Also, there will be significant lag time from when the R/S occurs and the new shares are delivered to the brokerages for trading. This means that there could be at least two waves of selling; intitally upon the R/S and at some later time when people who currently hold shares have their first opportunity to sell. Difficult times ahead no matter what your view of GERS is.

Skribe said...

So I figured GreenShift would make near $9.5 million per year from Green Plains and about $20 million per year adding the other licensees up to 2 bgpy. Growth and liquidity. Using those numbers provided and a .70 royalty per gallon.

Skribe said...

Actually with 2 bgpy more near $30 million per year with a .70 royalty.

Skribe said...

Revenues are really going to start picking up from now into the next few years, already started this year!

nobody12378 said...


Your willingness to label some one who voices a different opinion than you as a "Liar" is very sad and impeaches all the fine digging that you do. You seem to want to have a wide audience of readership and followers. You diminish this possibility when your commentary exposes you as the second portion of your moniker. Please note that I am Nobody12378 not Nobody12387. Do not be so easily confused by a transposition of two digits, it implies that you cannot follow numerical data accurately.

Anonymous said...

Let us see what the 10-Q says and quit the bickering. Does anyone want to bet it comes out early?

Anonymous said...

Layoff nobody. You sound like my x. Always B#$%^&* about something. There's no need for another yahoo board here.

nobody12378 said...

Respectfully disagree, slander is not just bickering. If Q3 is out early that will be a good sign; that the filing is better than Q2 that was disappointing. I am stil not sure that we will see great improvement in earnings until next year's Q1.

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