Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"House Hunters" travels to Kansas?

We all like to occasionally watch those real estate shows that put buyers into interesting domestic and international markets . . .

Did you know a person is commonly legally identified by his name and last know residence?  Yes, people can have the exact same name, but seldom do those people live in the same house.  We had such an instance where a key player's home address was used to identify that individual in the ICM filing in the previous blog.

With that address in hand - it is amaizing how much information can be gleamed from public records.  Here is what $565,000 could have bought you last spring in Wichita KS.  Built in 2008, five bedrooms, 3.5 baths and over 4100 square feet.  Truth be told, 13x15 is a little disappointing -square footage- for a master bedroom in such a grand house - in fact at our little SkunK Luv Hut close to doubles that.  However, the Rec room is wunderbar!  Over 600 Square feet!  I'd like one of those!  As you see in the picture at the next link - great curb appeal - I wonder if the Realtor helped with that?

Of course you can get into the real facts by inspecting the seller's property disclosure - learn about the basement flooding due to a plugged pit drain.  Learn that the pit was plugged due to wood shavings from a deck/patio project.  Pest control sprays every two months and that wine refrigerator in the basement?  Sorry, that goes with the sellers. 

Wait a minute.  No frig'en hot tub?!?  Over half a mil and no place to sweat out the days travails?  I hope that deficiency has been corrected by now!
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Anonymous said...

who house is this?

Somebody Important said...

I'm not so sure it was wood chips. I bet it was incriminating evidence. ICM's CEO is a crooked SOB. He tried to steal my best friend's girlfriend and my baby mama's grandpa's land. Bad bad bad peron to do business with. His neighbors hate him. And he's fat n bald. More crooked than a dogs hind leg. A thief, liar, cheater. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

"my baby mama's grandpa's land"?

Your mother is a baby?

Or was it your common law wife's parent's parent's land?

Anonymous said...

Your mother is a baby?

Science moves fast!

Anonymous said...

It appears there are some insights here and personality analysis as to why the ICM CEO would continue the fight. Does anyone know the financial status of ICM now and what business they do have?

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