Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Patents on the 30th

You already know GreenShift ‘231 Application will issue on August 30, 2011 as U.S. Pat. No. 8,008,516 (“the ‘516 Patent”) because you read Friday's blog.  

Now another SkunK exclusive - I found this in the patent public pair portal tonight.  Application 12/559,136 will issue on August 30, 2011 as U.S. Pat. No.8008517.  This along with the '516 patent will make the 3rd and 4th issued GreenShift Corn Oil Extraction patents.




Skribe said...

All this news is great as has been in the past, but we need the news that will grow the value of our investments.

Anonymous said...

Things are starting to get ineresting. I look forward to what happens by the end of the year, and the January 2012 shareholder letter. If the stock price doesn't hold after the reverse, I am definitely loading more shares.....IMO

Slashnuts said...

Two more nails for ICM's coffin on August, 30.

It's hard to even keep track of all the new customers signing up.

Cash flow positive.
20% of the industry licensed.
$.10 a share cash on hand.
Profitable/debt free soon.

A good thing about the R/S is that investors with brokers that only allow 999,999 share trades at a time will save on fees.

The stock could easily hit a dollar and that will get a lot more interest going. Maybe even get listed on the Nasdaq some day.

In the meantime, damages are adding up quickly for the infringers. This amount is tripled for ICM and will most likely bankrupt them. That's why GERS is sueing their CEO as well, so he can't hide assets.

nobody12378 said...

The path is clear. KK should now delay the R/S until after the Markman hearing. There is only reason among those KK stated to justify the R/S that is still valid; increasing the PPS to improve the stock trading capacity. That will occur immediatley after the R/S but without the reults from the Markman hearing the PPS will fall and no longer satisfy the stated goal. KK DELAY THE R/S UNTIL AFTER THE MARKMAN HEARING IF YOUR STATED OBJECTIVES FOR THE R/S ARE YOUR REAL OBJECTIVES!

Anonymous said...

all requited is one hedge fund wishing to support and or depress the share price that determines our investment here....hard to know what an operator wants to accomplish with our gut says buy low is a finds mantra....i am comcerned!

Anonymous said...

Dilute down as necessary and gain wealth. This is a hit or miss. Go to Vegas, it is more risky.

Anonymous said...

The primary reason for the r/s has not changed. Read the pre14c

The Board of Directors approved the amendment primarily in order to comply with GreenShift’s agreements with its senior creditor, YA Global Investments, L.P. (“YA Global”). The convertible debt instruments held by YA Global require that GreenShift maintain a sufficient number of shares of authorized common stock to enable conversion of the convertible debt issued by GreenShift to YA Global. The Board of Directors anticipates that in the near future GreenShift will have no shares available for issuance upon conversion and will therefore be in default of those debt instruments. Although GreenShift’s ambition is to satisfy its debt to YA Global in cash deriving from operating activities or one or more potential future financing transactions, it is necessary that the potential for default be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

The more this apple gets shined the more you want to make sure the debtor does not have justification to step in and take over. Keep them happy and pay them off. Be done with them.

nobody12378 said...

KK could have satisfied this requirement with a 10:1 R/S. His reason for the 1000:1 was to keep the PPS above a dime. Read a little deeper folks and use your heads, not just repeat the propaganda. Therefore, my position holds.

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