Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Slashnuts said...

Corn LP Update!

Looks like they had a very good/profitable quarter at Corn LP.

There's two pictures:

The first is on page one and it's the oil storage and loading tank.
The second is on page three and it's a close up of their extraction system!


"OIL PRODUCTION: In closing I want to once again touch on
the newest segment of our plant’s activities, Oil Production.
This production process, while only in its preliminary start
up stage, is so far doing very well, and as we continue to refine
and fine-tune the process ,I feel we are making very good
Through our continuing efforts we have been able to identify
physical characteristics of the mid-stillage that play a very
important role in the oil separation process.
These discoveries, and many others, have enabled us to successfully
tweak the system and add even more value to our second
quarter results."

Congratulations to Corn LP on an outstanding quarter. I can't wait to see the profits GERS earns when 2.6 billion gallons are online and our customers are no longer in the "preliminary start
up stage". We'll soon be past this stage and the multiple $150 K start up fees. Like Kevin Kreisler said, we'll be profitable and debt free.

Good Luck To All!$!$!$
Very Cool Pictures...

Anonymous said...

When will the Sunoco plant start up? Any sort of date out there?


Slashnuts said...


No dilution!
cASH INCREASED 1.3 million up from 18 thousand!!!!!!

nobody12378 said...


You are reading a different filing than I am:

"Our financial position and liquidity moving forward will be based on our ability to generate cash flows from our operations, as well as our debt service obligations and the extent to which we are able to satisfy our goals."

"We owe about $26 million in debt to YA Global and its affiliates and about $5 million to related parties. Our debt to YA Global and our related party lenders matures on December 31, 2012. We are not required to pay any of these amounts in cash since each lender has the right to demand and receive payment in the form of common stock. Despite this feature, repayment of these obligations in cash is an important objective for us moving forward."

There is no guarantee at all of no further dilution.

Anonymous said...

With that much cash on hand, the odds of having to go to the well this quarter and next is much, much reduced.

By the end of that time cash flow should allow both the servicing and start paying down the debt.

The odds of more dilution is much much reduced.

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