Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BioDiesel Plants on Site to Utilize Corn Oil

The federal government intends to jump-start the fledgling biofuels industry in the name of national security.

Another potential beneficiary is JetE of St. Paul, which is trying to commercialize a catalytic technology to produce jet fuel and biodiesel from waste oils. The company wants to build plants, costing about $80 million, with a capacity of 30 million gallons of jet fuel and biodiesel per year. Those plants could be built next to existing ethanol plants to utilize their byproduct corn oil, said Luca Zullo, a technology consultant for JetE. "The goal is to integrate this technology into the existing ethanol infrastructure."

SEE HERE from the Star Tribune

Thanks to Nobody12378 in prior comment section for pointing this one out!


Anonymous said...

HOPE....volume is drying shares at .0002????

nobody12378 said...

Not smart to buy in at this level given that PPS has a good chance of falling post R/S.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows, not even nobody. I think it's smart to buy in at this point. Not a very good chance of getting ones anymore. I don't think it'll fall after the split,,,too much goin on,,,profits and such,,,

Anonymous said...

The only thing for sure is when it goes their will be no looking back and no second chances. At least not at these bargain prices with a market cap of a couple million..

The big question is where will be the bottom? Is it the ones? or as nobody suggests around 5 cents at post r/s prices? No one knows for sure. But you could be stuck with lots of dry powder and lots of hand wringing if this think leaves you in the dust.

I think most longs think that these ones will be low enough at some point in the not tooo distant future.

Skribe said...

What about the .10 per share in cash? $1.4 mill in cash and 14 million shares post r/s. PPS support, coincidence?

Skribe said...

Right if it's hard to get .0001's now how will we get shares for even cheaper post r/s? If dilution is the answer then why? with their cash flows being stronger than qtr 2 in qtr 3. Remember they have increasing cash flow and revenues now, increasing. Even put aside $1.4 mill.

Anonymous said...

low volume againe get large share counts i wonder if .0003 would be required???

nobody12378 said...

Word on I-Hub is that GERS petition to delay the hearing from Monday to the fall has been denied.I am not sure what to make of this, it is not reassuring in any way to have a position taken by GERS denied by the judge. Nothing is for sure except if this litigation is not positive, as I have said before, "turn out the lights in Georgia".

Anonymous said...

Advanced BioEnergy will also have access to GreenShift’s portfolio of proprietary technologies to support Advanced BioEnergy’s efforts to further enhance by-product revenues beyond corn oil extraction.

GreenShift’s additional technologies to take advantage of additional opportunities to enhance our bottom line.”

What are the other additional technologies? Bio-diesel plants? Algae?

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